FORAL POWER (Foru Boterea - Poder Foral)

He doesn´t know what happens here

He doesn´t know what happens here I do remember one of the most romantic (here "romantic" has to be understood in the most epic sense of the word) scenes of The Last of the Mohicans. I mean the version shooted by director Michael Mann in 1992. The scene I´m talking about describes the conversation between Hawkeye (Daniel Day-Lewis) and Cora Munro (Madeleine Stowe). Hawkeye tells her that no one of them understood what was happening in that land: no one of the british people who came from Western Europe to the wild North America in which french and british empires fought for the land. In another part of the film, when a lot of adventures have happened, Cora Munro tells Hawkeye how right is he. "You are right: we cannot understand what is happening here". Cora means that there is another life apart from the new world that europeans want to bring to the mix of First Nations who were established on North America just several centuries before Old Europe reached the "New World".

In Spain we have (we suffer) the same problem. The spanish political hordes consider our homeland as a place for business and for getting strong that artificial nation called Spain. They don´t mind the ancient language we speak here, called "lingua navarrorum"; they don´t mind our own history as a free people who established a reign on the 9th century; they don´t mind that we have another way to organise day by day life. Pepiño Blanco, Spanish Socialist Party´s Organization Secretary, represents more than any other politican that kind of people who cannot understand what happens here. We all remember his words when a journalist asked him about the resignation of Socialist Youths of Navarre: his words full of disregard about their decision hurt the ears of the people who have faith in self determination of our country.

The enemy of this beloved homeland has a million faces. Pepiño Blanco is just one of them: one simple man who belongs to the stranger hordes that don´t understand what happens here. Or maybe he does understand but don´t want to accept it.

Long life Navarre. Foral Power.

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