FORAL POWER (Foru Boterea - Poder Foral)

Flags of our fathers

Flags of our fathers The people of Navarre own more than one flag. But only one of them represents the origin of Ancient Kingdom of Navarre better than the others. I´m speaking about the old emblem which shows a black eagle over a yellow background. But the most famous flag of Navarre is the one which shows the chains. Almost all basque people can agree about how that sign can represent our nation. That flag is the only basque flag which legally can be hung from the top of Town Hall in the Councils of current Administrative Region of Navarre (because of the law which was approved in Parliament of Navarre). A lot of sons of Basque Country would like also to see there the other flag hung: I mean, the Ikurriña (the flag designed by Sabino Arana, considered by many experts as the founder of basque national movement).  Today we have read on the newspapers that the spanish government will force (by a law) the basque government to hang spanish flag (the one which is red-yellow-red) from all its official buildings. Basque Government has not put any flag on those buildings for the last twenty years arguying that the law only inforces to hang the spanish flag everytime the Ikurriña hangs. That´s why Basque Government decided to hang no one of them. How strange is life, isn´t it? That´s what I think when I consider that the only place where a basque sign hang is the current Administrative Region of Navarre; and when I realise that the wish which leaded the law which doesn´t allow to hang the Ikurriña is a simple way for telling the difference between basque people and people of Navarre (a difference which actually doesn´t exist, at least accordingo to the culture). Nowadays, the leaders of Unión del Pueblo Navarro party are so pleased to  see the chained flag because they believe that it´s not basque. Simply amazing.

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